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Hi there! Welcome to PartyRun!

Adventure Game Event

Embark on a puzzle-filled adventure and dive into the world of augmented reality treasure hunts. We invite you to create your memorable story and experience a unique blend of escape room challenges set against real-world landscapes, all enhanced by your mobile device. Anyone anywhere can jump in!

Real World game event

PartyRun is an Israeli startup company offering an exciting way to explore new environments and experience a unique puzzle game. With PartyRun's innovative GPS-based technology, you will discover a thrilling saga of quests! From navigating puzzle-filled terrains to engaging in treasure hunts and overcoming obstacles against time, PartyRun ensures a journey that will keep you on your toes.

Our flagship treasure hunt transforms real-life locations into an immersive escape room where collaboration and quick decision-making are paramount. Outrun competitors, tackle challenging choices, and strive to be the first across the finish line! Thanks to our user-friendly Telegram bot, joining the game and embarking on your adventure is a breeze. And yes, don't forget to collect some coins along the way! 😉


What are you waiting for?

Jump in our next PartyRun! Gather your friends and let the puzzle packed adventure unfold! Head over to our Telegram app and gear up for an action-packed treasure hunt.

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