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PartyRun Quest Game

Real-World Adventure Game

"The Amazing Race" meets "Dungeons & Dragons"

Escape Room Multiplayer puzzle
!with urban challenges

Game duration: 30 minutes to an hour

UNLIMITED Players, 12 Player Minimum

!Fantastic for Team Building

(:  Suitable for adults and kids
? Ever asked: Is there any fun stuff to do outdoors near me
Head out, Solve Quests & Adventure On
?Want to jump in the next PartyRun
How to play?

?How to play

Mobile Adventure Game

1. Enter our escape room telegram bot .
(an invitation code is needed for the event).

2. Choose a team.

3. See you at the starting point! Be on time!
Each participant must follow the puzzle game hints that will pop up in his chatbot (the game is GPS-based). Riddles
and missions will be encountered along the treasure hunt as well as secrets, merchants, and important turning points. 

Completing quests will also earn you gold! You can purchase items in the store with gold as well as tickets for future events!
The first team to reach the finish point wins :)

?What do you get

?What do you get

24Z_117 [Converted]_edited.png
  • An adventure game between teams anywhere in the globe!

  • A unique experience, combining mobile phone navigation with puzzle solving.

  • Customizable puzzles/routes. (cars/bicycles, etc can be combined).

  • A bonding treasure hunt, highly recommended for teams at work or family!

  • "Gold" coins for future use in upcoming escape room events.

Treasure hunting in a thrilling adventure-game
Party Quest in a real-life MMO
Real-world game set in real-world map
Navigating a tricky adventure game
Freinds gathering after a great escape room adventure
Navigating a real-world MMORPG


Urban exploration never been this fun! Excellent tutorial for compass navigation


You will compete in real-time against your friends and colleagues.

Wits can outperform muscle in this game!


Forget about gyms and boring exercises.

Take your fitness to the next level


Build your own VIP level with pre-determined points of interests.

Include bikes and segways as you like!

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